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Sylacauga, Alabama

The first environmental research demonstration golf course in the United States

FarmLinks, building upon our firm's experience at Widow's Walk, was designed to develop and test improved methods and machines that could further reduce the environmental impact of turfgrass maintenance.  The lead company (and our client) was Pursell Technologies, innovators of time release fertilizers, who partnered with manufacturers of irrigation, turf care equipment, turfgrass and seed breeders, chemical and pest control companies, and even golf car manufacturers with an overarching goal to develop, test, refine and teach best management practices (BMPs) to visiting turf managers.  The chosen site was Pursell Farms, which  at 3,500 acres and substantial relief, allowed our firm to locate golf holes in distinct ecosystems ranging from wetlands and meadow to woods and mountain.  This macro- and microclimatic variation further diversified the research possibilities depending upon the sensitivity of the parameters being tested to the biotic and abiotic factors.  In 2003, the center opened to its inagural class of turf managers, and to attend this invitation only event is now considered an honor.  

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