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Ottawa Hunt and Country Club

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Original Designer: Willie Park, Jr.

2022 LPGA Canadian Open | 2017 LPGA Canadian Open |  2008 LPGA Canadian Open

1994 du Maurier Classic |  1970 Canadian Amateur | 1960 The America's Cup | 1932 Canadian Open

Ottawa Hunt and Country Club is a 1919 design by Scotish two-time British Open Champion and World Golf Hall of Fame member Willie Park, Jr.  The 18-hole course was remodeled multiple times since and a third 9-holes added.  The primary focus of the meticulously phased efforts from our now 10-plus year commission rests on their championship course (South and West nines) which remain generally as Park routed them, although we've recently been tasked with strengthening the North nine for continuity.  The aggregate return has been so well received that on her reopening debut, the club rocketed from unranked to #42 in Canada, and we fully anticipate her further ascension as ongoing partnership begins to bear fruit.

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