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Widows Walk

Scituate, Massachusetts

The first environmental demonstration golf course in the United States

Widow’s Walk is far more than a course designed to test and compare environmental theories.  It is a major collaborative effort of passionate environmentalists with vastly diverging views on how good golf was for Mother Nature. The collective goal was to determine if, by combining the knowledge of an interdisciplinary team of specialists, it was possible to convert an environmentally abused and biologically dead site (surrounding the well serving as the local town's only source of potable water no less) into a toxicologically benign, healthy golf course. Most contributors were vocalized their skepticism, but saw that if successful, the experiment would provide an ultimate proof in concept whose results could be applied to improve the environmental stewardship of all golf courses.  The short and long-term results suggest an improved water quality, enhanced biodiversity and improved wetland health are all due to the installation of the golf course.  The sod wall bunkers constructed with carpet scraps on site was pretty cool too.

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